Frequently asked questions and answers for Ghozt Lighting products and software.

  • Q: Why can’t I connect my phone to the BlueGhozt?
    • A: Make sure both Bluetooth and GPS are enabled on your phone.
  • Q: What is the difference between LITE and PLUS?
    • A: They are identical except PLUS can also control 4 12v accessories.
  • Q: How many neopixel LEDs can I control?
    • A: Up to 350 neopixel LEDs per side (700 total) on a combination of strips/halos if using RGB neopixels. For RBGW neopixels, you can control up to 260 neopixel LEDs per side (520 total).
  • Q: Do I need the 5V converter?
    • A: If you are using 5V neopixels, then yes. The BlueGhozt also works with 12V neopixels, which do not require the 5V converter.
  • Q: Should I get the 10A or 20A converter?
    • A: As a general rule of thumb, you need at least 0.06A per LED.

v5 LED Sequencers
  • Q: Can static damage parts of the board?
    • A: Yes, please ground yourself using an ESD strap at all times while handling the product.
  • Q: What does it mean if one channel is constantly on?
    • A: This usually indicates the channel was damaged by static, a momentary short circuit, or had too large of a draw in amperage from too many LEDs. Using Sequence Designer you can re-assign the dead channel to another un-used channel.
  • Q: Does this work for any car?
    • A: Yes, the turn signal automatically sets timing based on your car. This integrates with any vehicle’s OEM functions.
  • Q: How many sequencers do I need?
    • A: Typically, we recommend one per lamp because that makes for the simplest the installation. However, the sequencer can be programmed to control both lamps with both left & right turn signals.
  • Q: Can I synchronize multiple sequencers?
    • A: Yes. To do this, you simply need to ensure that each sequence has the same number of steps with the same speed setting for each animation.

Sequence Designer
  • Q: Is this really free forever?
    • A: Yes, it is free even to non-customers! Download and design your animations before ever purchasing our product!
  • Q: Why are there two pieces of software to use your V5 LED sequencers?
    • A: Sequence Designer allows you to create the animations you need, and generates a HEX file that you use with MPLab IPE to re-flash your v5 LED sequencer.
  • Q: Is this available for Mac or Linux?
    • A: At this time, it is only available for PC. For Mac, we recommend getting Parallels which allows you to run a Windows computer virtually on your Mac.
  • Q: My fingers are tired! How do people program so many steps?!?!
    • A: Check out the list of hotkeys by clicking About > Hotkeys Help. Also the copy/paste functions can be extremely time saving if you want things to repeat.

  • Q: Why does compiling fail?
    • A: Make sure you are powering the circuit using the tool (refer to the Getting Started page)
    • A: Close MPLAB IPE, disconnect the PICKIT3, open MPLAB IPE, connect the PICKIT3 (you may need to repeat this once or twice)
  • Q: Do you make this software?
    • A: We developed Sequence Designer in-house, but MPLAB is a 3rd-party program so we do not have control over how it works or updates.

  • Q: I love your headlights!! How much to build me a set?
    • A: The headlights you saw were indeed awesome, however, we did not build them. Please refer to our installers list to find an installer to give you a quote for a custom build.
  • Q: Do you offer wholesale pricing?
    • A: Yes, we do this in two ways. First is you can select one of the bulk purchasing options on the product pages to get large quentities for a discounted price. Second is you can use our Preferred Partner Program to receive automatic discounts as an appreciation for your repeated business.
  • Q: What is the average airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?
    • A: African or European?

Please contact support@ghoztlighting.com for any other questions!