Getting Started: BlueGhozt

How it works:

BlueGhozt is an IOS/Android Smartphone controller for Neopixel style LEDs with a 4 channel 12v relay (PLUS model only). The device operates off 5v or 12v, depending on what kind of Neopixels are connected. BlueGhozt also features inputs for OEM functions (brake, turn signal, and parking/running) to integrate OEM functions into your Neopixel strips.

There is a separate 12v power input for use on the PLUS model for the 12v relay; this relay can be used to power single color halos, demon eyes, or other 12v applications (2 amp max).

What you need:

Small headed screwdriver, compatible RGB/RGBW Neopixel LED halos/strips, and a 12v to 5v converter if you are using 5v Neopixels

Controller Inputs:

  • GND – (required) Connect either of these to a ground
  • +5V – (required) Connect to +5v or +12v power supply, depending on whether you are using 5v or 12v Neopixel LEDs
  • +12V – (optional) Connect to a +12V supply for power switches on a BlueGhozt PLUS
  • In1 – Brake signal input / party mode input (show mode activates via 12v)
  • In2 – Parking/running lights signal input
  • In3 – Left turn signal input
  • In4 – Right turn signal input
  • PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4 – (PLUS only) +12v outputs for 12v accessories
Quick Video Tutorials (~3 min each):

BlueGhozt – Intro and Overview

BlueGhozt – Connecting and Troubleshooting Connection

BlueGhozt – Arrangement Tab Overview

BlueGhozt – Power Switches Overview

Longer Video Tutorials:

BlueGhozt v1 Demo Video

BlueGhozt App Video Tutorial

BlueGhozt Neopixel LED Tutorial

Installation/User Guides:

BlueGhozt App UserGuide_20Oct2019


Guide to Neopixels

Install instructions for BlueGhozt Neopixel setups:
  1. Connect 5v (or 12v) power to the input labeled 5v on BlueGhozt
    1. This should match the voltage of the Neopixels you are using
  2. Connect compatible Neoprism/Neopixel devices
  3. Download/install BlueGhozt app on your IOS/Android device
  4. Verify Bluetooth and GPS are turned on, on your mobile device
  5. Open BlueGhozt app, select your BlueGhozt from the list that appears
  6. Setup LED arrangements (see tutorials above)
  7. Begin customizing show modes
How to install for 12v wireless relay (not applicable to BlueGhozt Lite):
  1. Connect 5v (or 12v) power to the input labeled 5v on BlueGhozt
    1. This should match the voltage of the Neopixels you are using
  2. Connect 12v power to input labeled 12v on BlueGhozt
  3. Connect the positive wire of your 12v accessories to the outputs labeled PS1, PS2, PS3, and PS4 (2 amp limit per switch)
  4. Select the “Lightning Bolt” icon in BlueGhozt app
  5. Use buttons 1-4 to turn on/off your 12v accessories
  6. Select the “Add to home” option to add them to the Home screen
How to connect and customize OEM integrated functions:
  1. Splice into your OEM turn signals/brake/parking wires and connect to designated input on BlueGhozt
  2. Select the “Car” icon in BlueGhozt app for OEM function page
  3. Select desired color/function for each OEM function
    1. * Please be safe when selecting these functions! If you choose to use this option you are agreeing that it is for “off road use only”.