There are 3 different types of LEDs that are commonly used in automotive customization.

These LEDs are easily identifiable as they will only have 2 wires coming off of them: 1 for a positive voltage and another for ground.

This style of LED is compatible with our V5 LED Sequencer.

The voltage applied will depend on the product, so please check the manufacturers documentation carefully before connecting these to power.

These LEDs are not to be confused with Neopixel / addressable LEDs – which are also often labeled/marketed as RGB. This style LED will typically have 4 wires connected to it that are labeled R G B and a + symbol. There are also RGBW/RGBA products that have 5 wires.

Please pay close attention to how the product is labeled and / or the product documentation. This will help avoid confusion between these strips and Neopixel strips.

This style of LED is compatible with our v5 LED Sequencer but not compatible with our BlueGhozt module. *

To power these LEDs, it requires a positive voltage on the + wire and 3 ground wires run to the R,G, and B connections. This means with a v5 LED Sequencer, each RGB LED (or group of LEDs) would take up 3 channels on the sequencer.

Note * : Some RGB products have a single ground and require 12v connections to each color – V5 LED Sequencer does not support this style.

      Neopixel LEDs, or addressable LEDs are not to be confused with standard RGB LEDs. They are typically identifable by their 3 wire connection for a + voltage, data, and ground. Some Neopixel products have 4 wire connections, with 2 data lines. You can typically tell by closely inspecting the product, or reviewing the product’s documentation.

      This style of LED is compatible with our BlueGhozt LED controller.

      Neopixel LEDs typically come in either 5v, or 12v formats. Take care not to supply 12v to Neopixels designed to only handle 5v, as you will destroy them completely.

      If you are not sure, please review the product documentation or contact the manufacturer before supplying power. You must use a 12v to 5v stepdown converter for any 5v Neopixel products if you are connecting them to a 12v power supply (such as your car).