This software interacts with the LED sequencer to flash a Hex file generated from the Sequence Designer software. This process reprograms the sequencer with whatever programming you created using the Sequence Designer software. You will need a PICkit3 programmer to interface between the Ghozt LED Sequencer and your computer. You can purchase one HERE if you do not have one.


Please use the tabs below to browse the installation instructions:

MPLab IPE Demo/Overview

How to connect and flash your sequencer using MPLab IPE

Download and install the latest MPLAB software
During installation, you only need MPLAB IPE (you can uncheck MPLAB IDE)
Set Device to PIC24F32KA304, Apply
Go to Settings > Advanced, microchip
Click Power on the left, check Power Target Circuit from Tool
Click Operate on the left
Plug the PICkit3 USB cable into the computer, click Connect
Plug the other end of the PICkit3 into the Sequencer
The pin with the square around it is pin 1
Click Ok on the warning regarding voltages
Click Browse, locate your Hex file, click Program


Try unplugging the PICkit3’s USB cable from the computer and plugging it back in or restarting MPLab IPE (this fixes most issues)
Make sure the programming pins have good connection with the programmer and is plugged in with pin 1 matching the square hole
Make sure the board has 12v power or is powered by the Picket by selecting that option in the software