Sequence Designer


Our LED configuration software, Sequence Designer, is designed to work with Windows operating systems. Sequence Designer gives you the ability to create your own animations, simulate them on your computer, and generate a file to program your sequencer. You can customize everything in the software including LED arrangement, channel assignment, LED color, and what happens for all of the 12v inputs (parking, turn signal, brake, car on/off, show mode). Please watch the tutorial below for a brief overview on how the software works.

The software works with a few different kinds of files; the main 2 are Project files (.GLP) and Hex files (.HEX). Project files include your LED arrangement, and all animations for various functions and are what you save/open with Sequence Designer. The Hex file is the file created by Sequence Designer when you click Compile, that is used in the MPLab software to re-program the sequencer.



  1. Download our latest version of the software from our website, you can add it to your cart and a download link will be made available.
  2. Watch the 2017 demo video above if you have not already
  3. Open an existing project in the Projects folder, found in your My Documents folder under Ghozt Lighting to play with and see how the software works.
    1. Default headlight project: Standard-28ChSwitchback
    2. Default taillight project: StandardTail-28Ch
  4. Modify an existing project or create a new project/LED arrangement from scratch until you are ready to re-program your sequencers
  5. Compile your project into a Hex file
    1. If this fails for any reason please contact Ghozt Lighting on Facebook or via and report the time/error
  6. Go to the Getting Started: MPLAB IPE page for information on installing and using MPLAB to re-program (flash) your v5 LED sequencers