Preferred Partner Program

At Ghozt Lighting, we value our customers and look to promote and support businesses who consistently use our products. For that reason, we have created the Preferred Partner Program. This program is aimed at enabling businesses who consistently use our products to get our bulk discounted pricing without having to order in bulk.

How It Works

The way the program works is we add up your total purchases over the prior twelve months and compare them to our discount table. We will determine the highest discount tier that you qualify for and we will set you up with a personalized coupon code for you to use on future purchases of single Ghozt v5 modules.

If you feel you qualify for a new discount tier, then please send us an email and request that we re-evaluate your discount level. Please allow 3 business day for us to conduct the evaluation and setup your discount code.

Discount TierTotal Business (last 12 months)Ghozt v5 Single Unit PriceBlueGhozt Plus Single Unit PriceBlueGhozt Lite Single Unit Price
0$0$65.00 (0% off)$149.99 (0% off)$99.99 (0% off)
1$500$58.50 (10% off)$134.99 (10% off)$89.99 (10% off)
2$1,000$52.00 (20% off)$119.99 (20% off)$79.99 (20% off)
3$2,000$45.50 (30% off)$104.99 (30% off)$69.99 (30% off)
4$4,000$39.00 (40% off)$89.99 (40% off)$59.99 (40% off)