Preferred Partner Program

At Ghozt Lighting, we created the Preferred Partner Program (PPP) to reward customers for repeat business. Our highest discounts available are at 40% off retail; but this typically involves buying a bulk amount of units. The PPP was created to offer discounts based on your last 12 months of business with us, allowing you to reach these discounts over time without needing to stock up!

Our discount system is completely automated. It will calculate your past 12 months of business and based on that will give you discounts on either Blueghozt or v5 LED Sequencers. If you purchase a bulk package that offers a higher discount, the system will default to using the bulk discount instead.

Tier 1 (10%), Tier 2 (20%), Tier 3 (30%), and Tier 4 (40%) will have their discounts apply automatically at checkout. Also, based on your tier, all bulk packages will have additional discounts applied to them as well.
The higher the tier, the better the discounts overall! If you have any questions about our Preferred Partner Program (PPP) please contact us at!