Preferred Partner Program

At Ghozt Lighting, we value our customers and look to promote and support businesses who consistently use our products. For that reason, we have created our Preferred Partner Program! This program is aimed at enabling businesses who consistently use our products to get our bulk discounted pricing without having to order in bulk, and offering additional discounts on future bulk purchases.

How It Works

The way the program works is we add up your total purchases over the prior (12) twelve months and depending on what Tier you qualify for, based on the table below, you will automatically receive discounts on your purchases! This system is entirely automated now.

Tiers 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 receive discounts of 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, and 45% respectively on our v5 LED Sequencers and BlueGhozt modules. Our newest addition is you will also receive an additional 5% (*2.5% for Tier 4 and 5) off the next largest bulk quantity. If you purchase a bulk package that offers discounts higher than your Tier offers, the cart will default to using the bulk discount since it is the highest discount available.

For example: Tier 1 customers receive 10% off purchases of our 2 flagship products. However, when normally adding 5 BlueGhozts to your cart, you receive 10% off due to bulk quantity. When these discounts match, you will instead receive an additional 5% (*2.5% for Tier 4 and 5) discount. So Tier 1 has 10% off purchases for 5 units or less, and 15% off between 5 – 9 units. The next level of bulk purchasing, 10 – 19 units, will receive a 20% discount as normal.

Discount TierTotal Business (last 12 months)Discount
1$500-99910% off
2$1,000-199920% off
3$2,000-399930% off
4$4,000-999940% off
5$10000+45% off