Ghozt v5 LED Sequencer

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Professional installation recommended! Please read the User Manual or visit the Getting Started page before purchase!

These sequencer modules can control large arrays of LEDs and provide full control for running lights, sequential turn signals, brake signals, startup/shutdown animation, and show mode animation! 28 channels to control! Supports multiple show modes or multiple turn signals!

The v5 LED sequencers are shipped to you with one of our standard animation packages: headlights or taillights. With headlight programming, the brake input acts as a DRL/dimmer trigger. With taillight programming, the parking/running lights are at 50% brightness.

This can be further customized using our software, and reprogrammed by you using your computer! (requires a PICKit3 programmer sold separately)

These items are sold INDIVIDUALLY and in most cases are only used for 1 side of the car (driver or passenger), but our unit DOES support dual turn signals on a single board which can be easily used for motorcycles/etc.

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Professional Installation Recommended!
Visit the Getting Started page for assistance!

Note: You will need to purchase the Pickit3 programmer interface to re-program these yourself

  • (5) 12v inputs, (28) output channels! (switched ground outputs)
  • Show mode/Party mode!
  • Sequential turn signals that self-calibrate to the car’s flasher unit
  • One module controls up to two turn signals!
  • Parking/running lights on/off animation
  • Switchback parking light control (optional)
  • Built-in parking light dimming for taillights (optional)
  • Brake light control or High-beam dimmer capability
  • Vehicle on/off animation
  • Up to two looping show modes, triggered by a 12v switch
  • 3 turns, 1 touch turn signal feature added to any car
  • Reprogrammable after install! (Simply extend programming pins out of housing)
  • Extremely low power drain while in operation, sleep mode when idle
  • Comes with default programming, or completely customizable using our software!
  • Ultra small form factor!
  • Made in the USA

Minimal experience with retrofitting, soldering, and working with LEDs/resistors required. Headlight/taillight in most cases must be opened to gain direct access to LEDs, to install our sequencer. LEDs, headlights, or taillights are all sold separately.

These items are sold INDIVIDUALLY and in most cases are only used for 1 side of the car (driver or passenger), but our unit DOES support dual turn signals on a single board which can be easily used for motorcycles/etc.

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40 reviews for Ghozt v5 LED Sequencer

  1. Johnathan Patten (verified owner)

    This module is one of a kind!! adaptable for headlights or tail lights and custom designed modes the possibilities are endless. I’ve used these modules for headlight drl/switchback use and for tails for the custom modes for a Subaru Outback hatch panel. I plan to order more for myself and customers. Ghozt thank you for a new innovative product!!!

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  2. Nate (verified owner)

    Picked up a pair of these to try out a tail light project a customer wanted done.
    I fell in love with them.
    Did everything I needed and more! I could not believe how much better it made my job.
    Plus the added bonus of being fully programmable, my customer was amazed.

    And the customer service is beyond top notch. There has not been a question they have not answered. They have helped me out after hours so the project could keep moving forward.
    I can’t say enough about the amount of time they have spent supporting their customers.

    I will keep using these and can’t wait to see what other game changers they release!

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  3. Jonathan montenegro (verified owner)

    Ghozt lighting is by far the best product on the market for customization of lights. I have been using ghozt for my customers for about 3 years already. Their customer service is great. I usually get a response within the hour with any questions or concerns. Keep up the great work guys!!

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  4. Andre S. (verified owner)

    Very easy to work with. Will be purchasing again to finish my project.

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  5. Ibrahim (verified owner)

    Ghozt LED Sequencer is best programmable board in the automotive market for exploring all the possible led sequences.
    Hope to order more in coming days and to try blueghozt too.

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  6. Sam (verified owner)

    Seriously the most Intricate and Versitile sequencer on the market. I don’t use many, but each time I use these Sequencers it blows my mind at what it’s capable of. It takes your vision and makes it a reality, with regards to animations. Soooo good.

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  7. Chris Apkarian (verified owner)

    Really nice and compact shape. I ended up soldering on headers, which made connection very easy.

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  8. Stuart P. (verified owner)

    I bought 2Ghozt LED Sequencers v5 (28 ch) to modify my Audi S4 B8 headlight DRLs to switchbacks. The quality of the pcb is excellent. I have yet to use them as I’m waiting on led components. I would like to see 30 pin connectors included in the pack along with some header pins.
    All in all I’m very pleased with my purchase.

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  9. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Easy to install and set up. The ribbon cables makes install so much cleaner.

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  10. Kian R. (verified owner)

    THE best sequencers on the market. PERIOD.

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  11. Julian Nicasio (verified owner)

    Awesome product

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  12. George Hilliker (verified owner)

    Good product wish little more support on tech. But a great product

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  13. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great control board!! with patience and time it worked perfect.

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  14. Jack Malone (verified owner)

    The best. Thanks.

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  15. gary loveday (verified owner)

    Excellent service and after sales support. Ordered 2 for my rear tail lights. Well packaged and very happy!

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  16. Kalill Nieto (verified owner)

    Best costumer service ever and best products. Made in USA. This is not just a Led controller. Behind all this is a really nice family that do everything to help you in your project. Always coming back to buy more stuff from them. Thanks a lot for everything.

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  17. Jack Malone (verified owner)

    Best product ever made

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  18. Julian Nicasio (verified owner)

    Bestest modules ever

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  19. Richard Hutchinson (verified owner)

    Been using the V5 controllers for around 2 years now. Never had any issues with the products or delivery to the UK. Great work!

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  20. Julian Nicasio (verified owner)

    Love these things… #natjugarage

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  21. Nick S. (verified owner)

    Works as expected

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  22. Anonymous (verified owner)


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  23. Jack Malone (verified owner)

    Best product made.

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  24. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Perfect product. Exactly what i was looking for and easy to use. Would defo recommend for custom LED lighting.

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  25. Ibrahim (verified owner)

    Our customers love it, Amazing performance!

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  26. Richard Henry (verified owner)

    Got my Ghozt v5 today and everything seems good, my four star rating is due to receiving the item at my work place and not being able to test it out until later, but packaging and everything seems fine appearance wise…

    (0) (1)
  27. Anthony (verified owner)

    Awesome product. Highly recommended

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  28. Jesus Lara (verified owner)

    Perfect piece of art
    Works great
    would recommend 100%

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  29. Algernon Jones (verified owner)

    Works great love the product. Did it myself with their instructions and every work. Thanks

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  30. Alonzo (verified owner)

    Love this product! Better than the other ones I’ve used in the past

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  31. Kevin O Leary (verified owner)

    Could not be happier with these sequencers. I currently run multiple sequencers in my car. Have never had an issues. Kyle and the Ghoztlighting crew are top notch.

    Will definitely be buying more for future projects.

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  32. Mathieu Carrere (verified owner)

    Amazing products it is very small and can be integrated in the light housing but it would be nice to have the ability to to set a startup animations without compromising the reverse light.

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  33. Svein-Inge Johansen (verified owner)

    Perfect for my use!

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  34. Bruce Connelly (verified owner)

    I think they need to flash the brake lights out of the box. But the factory settings are pretty good. Can’t wait to get me picket3 to try my own ideas. Kinda pricey but very good module.

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  35. Derek McEwen (verified owner)

    I received the boards and cables in a good timing. I haven’t finished building my tailights yet but from trying it out, these sequencers are just what I need.

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  36. William Tyrrell (verified owner)


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  37. Brock Detter (verified owner)

    Works great!

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  38. Nick M. (verified owner)

    These boards are super useful. It would be a slight bit more helpful if the wilk screen identified pin #1, so it’s a bit more intuitive than the pin shape.

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  39. Svein-Inge Johansen (verified owner)

    Just perfect as always!

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  40. Gediminas (verified owner)


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