Ghozt Lighting now offers wholesale accounts! Our terms and conditions for being a wholesaler are below, please review these conditions before contacting us. If you are interested in setting up a wholesale account with us, please contact us via email at support@ghoztlighting.com for detailed information about pricing and logistics.

Wholesale terms and conditions:
  1. Minimum order quantity: The wholesale price offered to you will be dependent on a MOQ (minimum order quantity) being met, depending which discount you are going for. Our first wholesale tier starts at 200 units; and our second wholesale tier starts at 1000 units.
  2. Payment terms: Payment for wholesale orders will need to be coordinated with Ghozt Lighting staff; deposits will be required to do a production run with remaining balance paid before items are shipped out.
  3. Minimum retail pricing: You agree to adhere to Ghozt Lighting's wholesale pricing structure and MSRP (manufacturers suggested retail price) to not de-value the product.
  4. Warranty and replacement: Customer who purchase from you as a wholesaler will need to work with you for any RMA or warranty work; you can then submit any RMA's to us for replacement.
  5. Money back and refunds: Ghozt Lighting can accept a wholesale order for return if the order is complete; if it is not then Ghozt Lighting will purchase back the remaining units at a pro-rated cost to reflect the remaining value of the order. Once the order has been returned and inspected, the refund will be issued.
  6. Branding: You agree to not rebrand the product as your own; your listing should reflect the same product name Ghozt Lighting utilizes.
  7. Ordering: Wholesale orders will be coordinated via email with Ghozt Lighting by contacting them via support@ghoztlighting.com